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History of Burns Clubs

How and why they started

Burns Supper

The 21st July (The anniversary of his death) was the first recorded Burns Supper. Read about it here.

Address to a Haggis

What was the significance of a dinner at  Mauchline cabinet-maker John Morrison’s house? find out here.

The Selkirk Grace

Was this the work of Burns?

The Immortal Memory

The key part of the supper, the key dates in his life.

20 Facts about Burns

Useful Trivia!

Tam O Shanter Background

How, what is argueably, the worlds greatest narrative poem, came to be.

Auld Lang Syne

The old song that Burns brought to life

William Burnes – Robert’s Father

What influence did Robert’s father, William have – all is told in this outstanding article by Jim MacLaughlin of Calgary Burns club.

Burns Translation into Russian

Read about the translation of Burns into Russian within five years of his passing – this amazing insight is by Diane Jones Osbourne  of the Robert Burns Club of Milwaukee.