Celebration of 125 Years

125th Anniversary of the club

2014 saw the 125 anniversary of the club. Please check the 2014 gallery for photographs of a superb evening’s entertainment honouring the Bard

New Website:

Please take time to browse the new website which we hope will give you plenty of information about Greenloaning Burns Club, its history, some of the characters as well as a glimpse of the suppers over the past few years. Our programmes go back to 1969, so have a look at these and see if you remember some of the artistes that have performed so diligently for our entertainment.

Just in today (29th January 2014)

I understand The Greenloaning Burns Club is hosting a 125th Anniversary celebratory supper on Friday 7th February, 2014.  We at RBWF would like you to pass on the following message to the President and Members of Greenloaning Burns Club:


On behalf of President Jane Brown and the Directors of The Robert Burns World Federation, we send kindred greetings to President Forbes Gauld and Members of Greenloaning Burns Club on the occasion of their 125th Anniversary.   Congratulations on reaching such a ‘grand old age’.  Best wishes for an extremely successful and enjoyable Anniversary Supper.  We hope you all enjoy the celebrations on this auspicious occasion.


Best wishes for the future and kindest regards

Alison Tait

Many thanks Alison on behalf of the committee