Greenloaning Burns Club are asked to judge local schools burns competitions each year. These competitions are typical throughout Scottish schools and indeed Scottish communities throughout the world.

The quality of work and effort put into the renditions of the Bards work makes it a very difficult task, but very rewarding for the judges. It is an ideal way of preserving our heritage and ensuring that Burn’s memory remains Immortal.

This part of the website is dedicated to all the teachers who enable these competitions to take place and to the pupils who take part in them.


The schools Greenloaning Burns Club judge are:-

Greenloaning Primary School

Comrie Primary School

The Community School of Auchterarder

Article from the Community School Auchterarder Newsletter 2012

The Community School of Auchterarder

This article details the judges from the club and the winners of the various catagories

 The Life of Robert Burns – in the Greenloaning locale

The Life of Robert Burns

This extract gives details of the Bards travels between 17th September and the 20th October 1787 around the Greenloaning area.

Robert Burns Chronicles

burns chronicles

This electronic version of Burns Chronicles is from 1901 and the entry for Greenloaning Burns Club can be found on page 155. This publication is an interesting source of reference for any researcher or advocate of the Bard.

It can be downloaded or copied for purposes other than commercial.

You can download the Robert Burns Chronicle by clicking the image above or view it online here

Burns App

Burns App

An app’s an app for a’ that

The complete works of Robert Burns, Scotland’s National Bard, have been made available free of charge on the iPhone.

An iPhone app allowing enthusiasts around the world to download and instantly access Burns’ poetry has been developed by the Scottish Government.

The app includes a searchable database of every poem written by Burns, a summary of facts about the poet’s life and a guide to hosting a Burns Supper.

Culture Minister Fiona Hyslop said:

“Robert Burns is Scotland’s greatest cultural icon, recognised and celebrated all around the world. His legacy is of incalculable value to Scotland and the country’s image abroad.

“This app uses the very latest technology to bring Burns firmly into the 21st century, with his enduring messages of human equality and international brotherhood now available to iPhone users the world over.

“This app will appeal to existing admirers of Burns and make his poetry available to a whole new audience. It is a great platform to promote his work on the international stage.”

The launch of the app coincided with of the opening of the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in 2010.

 The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum


The Burns Museum

(Alloway, Ayrshire KA7 4PQ, tel: 0844 493 2601)

If you have ever wondered about visiting the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, then this article written by Marian Pallister leaves you in no doubt as to why this is a must have experience, rather than just a visit.


Robert Burns & Tartan

Burns 1930

Robert Burns and Tartan

How was the relationship with Robert Burns and Tartan in the 18th Century? What has happened to the Burns Tartan over the years? Find out here.


The Library of Innerpeffray

Burns Comes Home to Scotland

Scotland’s First Lending Library is delighted to announce an astonishing gift of over 200 Scottish First Editions, coming home to Scotland.

The Scottish Collection, incorporating the greats of Scottish writing such as Robert Burns, David Hume and John Knox, will have a new permanent home at The Library of Innerpeffray in Perthshire.

The Collection includes an exceptional assembly of the works of Robert Burns including a handwritten manuscript of the song Wilt Thou be my Dearie?

This Library is on the doorstep of our club at Greenloaning. If you are in the area, why not pay them a visit, They will make you most welcome.

The Library of Innerpeffray
By Crieff
Perthshire, Scotland
+44 (0)1764 652819
Tweets @innerpeffray
Follow us on Facebook
Opening Hours Wed – Sat 10am – 12.45pm & 2pm – 4.45pm, Sun 2pm – 4pm
Closed, Mondays, Tuesdays and Nov – Feb

The Library of Innerpeffray Press Release


Robert Burns – Facial Reconstruction

Published on Jan 27, 2013
Robert Burn’s face reconstructed from a model of his skull for an acurate likeness. This programme was aired on Scottish TV. There are many comments on You Tube regarding this reconstruction. One thing to keep in mind is that this was derived from a plaster cast of Burns skull when Jean Armour was buried (1834) and this was after a terrible illness that ultimately caused his early demise.

Please click on the link below to view the 8 minute clip.