Founded in 1889

founded in 1888Greenloaning Burns Club traditionally holds its Burns Supper on the first Friday in February every year and enjoys a couthy atmosphere with good company amongst cronies, fine ales, food and entertainment that would make the Bard proud today if he was still around.

In 2021, the committee were faced with the COVID-19 Pandemic and knew that the traditional supper would not be possible. Fortunately, Billy Philips had been recording the supper for the previous 28 years. We were able to select a “best of” and place them on Youtube on our Medea channel. We launched this at 6pm on the 5th February 2021 and achieved 215 views, making it them most watched of our suppers since current records began in 1969.

Furthermore Billy then made available some of the recitals that had been performed over the years that we could also see on our Youtube channel. You can view the full list here.

Following on from our lockdown supper, the events of 2021 in relation to the pandemic meant that we were unable to gather for our 2022 supper. Once again Billy Philips and Allan Patterson from Portal Technologies pulled out all of the stops and after the committee agreed on the format and artistes and recitations. I would like to point out that this was a business meeting with cheese and wine (and a dram) but according to our esteemed president, “not in any way shape or form, was it a party”

The results can be seen in the link on the top right of the menu bar “2022 Supper”

We hope you enjoy this and look forward to seeing you all back at Braco next year.

Media Channel

The website is designed to record recent suppers, both in narrative form and visually and help others with links, songs and past programmes